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Safety Accountability System

Do you feel your safety program is in the dark ages?

Do you feel that you can never achieve accountability and sustainability in your current safety program?

Are you looking for a successful and proven safety program that can transform your organizationís safety success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your gateway from the dark ages of safety is the SAFETY ACCOUNTABILITY SYSTEM.

Everything you require is only a click of your mouse away... thatís why we say ď60 seconds to health and safetyĒ!!!!!

For one low price you get
the Safety Accountability System
which includes:

  • A customizable safety scorecard
  • Customizable supervisory safety scorecards
  • All required training resources
  • Monthly safety talks
  • Accident investigation quality scorecard
  • A measurable risk assessment tool
  • Customizable forms to document your due diligence

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Safety Accountability System can improve your current Safety Program

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